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Welcome to Chaotic.Fun

The world can be a unforgiving at times so why not have a little fun interacting with others.

Chaotic.Fun is a Mastodon-based Fediverse instance for those to have in-depth conversations, for asking (or giving) advice and even share those memes.

Whatever helps us to navigate through this chaotic world just that little bit better.

Let's build a diverse and inclusive community together! To ensure a safe and friendly environment for all, we enforce our rules and code of conduct through volunteer moderators.

We would love for you to join us on!

Join The CHAOTIC.FUN Mastodon Instance

Contribute To The Community

Being an active member

Just by using the instance to follow, post and engage in conversations with other people are more than enough.

However, if you wish and have the capacity to contribute more, then there are other ways to help out

The Chaotic.Fun team

You could apply to become a voluntary member of the team that keeps it all running.

  • Curators: Reviewing current trends (posts, hashtags & links)
  • Moderators: Dealing with reports of questionable content
  • Admins: Monitoring aspects of the infrastructure and mitigating any issues

Assisting with costs

If you'd like to donate to go towards the instance's running costs, then you can contribute by either using our ko-fi page or our liberapay page.

All funds raised will solely be used to help cover the running, upgrade & moderation costs.